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A Brand New Year

2016. New Years Day. A year full of 'possibles'. Resolutions made (loose 15 pounds, work out regularly, eat better, SEW MORE!). And yes, the resolutions are in reverse order or their priorities!

2015 was a turning point year for me. My 97 year old dad had some health issues in early summer that left him hospitalized and in a rehab hospital for several weeks. When they did a home assessment, it was determined he could return home to his condo (about a block from my house), but someone would need to be with him 24/7. We boldly broached the subject of assisted living, which he unexpectedly was open to. Luckily, there was 1 apartment available, and that's where he's now contentedly residing.

He's gained 15+ pounds, which was badly needed and looks fantastic. Here his is celebrating 2016 with his table-mate and new bestie Ori.

He's also quite popular with the ladies, and even posed for their charity calendar. He's Mr. October! (on the right)

The sales of the calendar support a local non-profit that provides shoes for school children. The facility had a huge Christmas party, and had a calendar signing, where all the 'models' would sign their month. Here's the rockstart himself at the event.

I've made adult clothing protectors as part of my product offering for many years, and have always made bright, vibrant prints that hopefully represent the person wearing. After seeing the interaction between the residents and the staff, I'm re-committing to this effort, and also just designed a walker carrier bag.

These are double-sided with and absorbent cotton lining and velcro closure.

The walker bag folds over the walker bar and has 6 varying size pockets on the front, and 2 on the back. I made this first one out of scraps just to get the pattern right. My dad has a 'rolling' one that's designed a bit differenly, but it still fit ok.

So my mission is now to figure out other items to create to help out this wonderful group of people living their twilight years that will make them smile.

Any suggestions? I hope your 2016 is off to a great start.

(now do I work out, or sew? that's easy...)

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