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Never in my life did I imagine I'd be a blogger, but here we are. It's funny, because I think these thoughts all the time; topics for discussion, opinions on trends, thoughts and ideas. Now they will be in a written form versus random ramblings in my head.

I want to share creative projects, challenges, how-tos, and provide a venue to have conversations with other like-minded creative souls. Today I share one of two inspirational women in my life. Though no longer here, they remain role models in my life. Obviously my mom is at the top of the list.

She was not afraid of any challenge. She had a difficult childhood, with her own mom passing away when she was just a young girl. I think that formed her into the strong woman she became.

Five 'thoughts' to describe her would be:

  • Leader-there was never a group or organization she belonged to where she wasn't the president, be it PTA or the Ladies Aid Society at church.

  • Opinionated-you would not want to get on her bad side, because there was no coming back.

  • Extraordinary cook-more about this another day, but suffice it to say both her cooking and baking remain legendary.

  • Fearless-except when it came to driving, a skill she never quite mastered, and sewing, there was nothing she wouldn't try. The latter may well be one of the reasons I started to sew. Buttons don't sew themselves on, you know.

  • And mostly-Loving. No explanation needed.

She had such a passion for food. Want the Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe? Just ask, she'd figure it out. Need a wedding catered for 200? No worries. Watching her boldly take on anything that came her way gave me the confidence to try things that aren't easy, and to have confidence that I will succeed. One of my favorite parts of our relationship was that she couldn't sew a stitch, and I could barely make spaghetti from a jar!! So it was a great partnership. I know that she'd be so proud of Apron Strings, and I'm pretty sure she would forgive me for taking apart her favorite apron to make a pattern. Pretty Sure :) Who's your inspiration, and what words would you use to describe them? I'd love to hear from you.

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