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Last time I promised a tutorial on how to make a quick and easy dog bandana. (spell checker says it should be bandanna, but I disagree!)

Here's my Golden Matt modeling the finished product for you. I made his out of scraps from my apron stash.

First, you need to determine what size you are making.

Extra Small (miniature breeds) - 9" square

Small ('puppies', Terriers..) - 12-14"square

Medium (Beagle, Min.Schnauzer..) - 18" Square

Large (Retrievers, Dalmations, German Shepherd) - 22" square

Extra Large (great Danes..) - 27" square

Even though Matt is a Golden, he's on the 'petite' side, so I made him a medium. If unsure, cut it larger, and actually put on your dog. You can always make it smaller!

Gather your supplies:

>Your square of fabric (cotton is best)

>ruler or measuring tool


>matching thread

>iron and sprat bottle of water

>sewing machine

Cut your square of fabric in half diagonally (corner to corner)

tip: if you don't feel comfortable 'eyeballing' it, fold in half and press it-the pressed line will be your cutting guide

Next, press all 3 corners as shown:

Now, fold over the raw edge all around your bandana and press them. At the corner, the edges should line up, thanks to that pressing of the corner in the prior step.

Last step before sewing is to fold the edge 1 more time. This will hide the raw edges. Press as you go. By pressing, you'll have a super-easy time sewing.

Flip it over and give it a good pressing.

Ready to sew!! Start in the middle of any of the 2 sides that lead to the 'tying' corners, and straight stich to the first corner. Go 1/4" (ish) from the edge.

Raise your presser foot and turn the bandana toward the next corner, lower the presser foot, and start stitch to the next corner.

Use the same technique on the other tying corner, and the back.

When you're done, trim the strings, and call Fido for a fitting! Then take him for a walk or to the park to show off your pup and your handiwork.

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