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         GIFTS and GIGGLES

Half Dozens

Classic best seller!!  This adorable set consists of 6 size 1 Huggies Little Snuggler diapers, 6 baby washcloths, and 3 pairs of socks (size 0 to 6 or 0 to 9 months) all wrapped up to look like 6 sleeping 'babies' in a 'crib'.  Everything is held together with straight pins, so all of the products are usable when the chuckles are over!  Wrapped with coordinated decorative ribbons.

Please note:  Sock and washcloth prints may vary slightly.


Baby Cake

The perfect shower or baby gift!  A 9 oz baby bottle with 6 washcloth-wrapped size 2 Huggies little Snuggler disposable diapers.  Wrapped with a flannel receiving blanket and trimmed with a stuffed toy and ribbon embellishment.  Pins and rubber bands hold everything together, so all of the products are 100% usable after unwrapped. Blanket print may differ from photo, but will coordinate with the theme.




A one of a kind baby gift.  Contains a Bottle, flannel Blanket, Bib, and Binky (pacifier).



Fab Four

4 size 2 Huggies diapers, 4 baby washcloths, 2 pairs of socks, flannel receiving blanket!  Blanket, sock and washcloth prints may vary, based on availability, but will reflect the color theme in photo.



Jumbo Bottle 

Contains 4 receiving blankets and 2 baby washcloths backed into a plastic bank.



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